Addiction Recovery Graduate Program

Addiction Recovery Graduate Programs

Coaching Groups, Seminars and Personal Services to Grow Your Recovery

The purpose at Addiction Recovery Graduate Programs is to offer additional resources to people recovering from all substance and behavioral addictions, and who:

  • Already have a basic understanding of addiction and recovery.
  • Are working a program.
  • Have a desire to clarify and expand their recovery, and live their lives fully.

Our primary aim is to help to individuals who have graduated from primary care program or faith-based program, or are actively building their recovery through a self-help program.

Our goal is to help our clients to build a solid and strong foundation, filled with positive activities, mixed with some passionate characteristics, all kept in balanced harmony for a healthy, happy, and purposeful life. To help you raise your self-image, expand your self-image and upgrade your vision of what Your Recovering Future™ can be like.

After a time some people find themselves feeling lost, unhappy or disconnected. You may be such a person. Yon completed your primary treatment program (especially if it was a traditional, one size fits all approach) or you completed a valuable, yet basic self-help approach, and you know that you don’t have enough. You believe that they need more depth, direction, connection, or options to thoroughly deal with their issues, find the solutions, and create the full recovering lifestyle that they want. ARGP wants to meet some of your needs!

The Addiction Recovery Graduate Programs grew naturally out of hearing from many, many clients over the years, stating their need and desire for something more. They wanted to raise the likelihood that they would successfully move beyond their addiction and have the good life that they always wanted.

From wherever they were at, they wanted more knowledge, more tools, more strategies, and more growth, even wisdom and transcendence. They wanted to move onto graduate level training.

You may have:

  • Built a basic personal program that you practice daily.
  • Been participating in other resources, such as a community recovery support group or a professionally run therapeutic group.
  • A desire to expand your recovery network and resources
  • Been asking, “What can I do next?” and “Where are the resources that I’ll need?”
  • Accepted that you ready to take the next step into Your Recovering Future ©.

We hope that you will always respect how easy it could be to slide back into your past addictive behaviors or even the addictive style that you once lived; and yet accepting that you can grow past the limited self-image of being only an addict, embracing all that you are meant to be!

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Note: We want to support everyone who has decided to embrace recovery and yet our focus in not primary or immediate recovery. If you are:

  • Just starting your recovery.
  • Unclear what addiction recovery is all about.
  • Unsure if you are an addict or if you want to give up your companion (addiction).

We encourage you to choose to start recovery, to reach out to the resources in your community and on-line for the support that you’ll need, and consider reading Dr. Rohrer’s book.  When you’re ready, join us!


Are you ready to graduate into living a higher quality of recovery?

A Definition of Recovery from the Betty Ford Center

“Voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterized by sobriety, personal health and citizenship”

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